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Cabrinha Quest


Talking about spreading the stoke! Kite Zombies is offering a 10% discount on the Cabrinha Quest initiation fee (incentive available through April 25, 2019).

If you're not familiar with it, Cabrinha Quest is a membership-based sailing expedition that specializes in taking its kitesurfing members to some of the most epic destinations around the world

Membership Details

Cabrinha is pleased to announce the continuation of the Cabrinha Quest, the acclaimed seafaring expedition which has taken its members to the most remote and dynamic kite and surf locations around the world. Over the past 13 Years, Cabrinha Quest and its predecessor traveled to more than 100 destinations. From the fjords of Patagonia and Scotland to the Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Micronesia, Palau, Cape Verdes and many more.

The upcoming expedition will commence in June 2019 and continue for five years. The first year’s itinerary shall include a return to perhaps the most epic locale, the Louisiades Archipelago in Papua New Guinea followed then by visits to Sumba and Sumbawa before crossing into the Northern Hemisphere for an extended visit to the Maldives starting in December. 

“Over the past 5 years the Cabrinha Quest has inspired thousands of ocean loving fans to dream big. To think of the world outside of their home and to connect with the places and cultures that exist along the ocean’s far reaching edges. Moving into the next phase of the Quest, we look forward to making those places more accessible to our Cabrinha base. Whether it be in person or through the lens of social media, we aim to gently fan the flames of wanderlust…and put you right there.” – Pete Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Quest is operated by Offshore Odysseys, the industry’s preeminent operator of kitesurfing specific sailing expeditions. Founded and operated by Gavin McClurg, Offshore Odysseys has logged more than 160,000 miles and circumnavigated the globe twice taking like-minded adventurers to the most iconic and uncharted destinations.

Over the last nine months Offshore Odysseys has commissioned a major refit of the host yacht, a 57-foot custom Lagoon catamaran "Discovery". Amongst other improvements the refit includes the installation of new motors, sails/rigging and electronics including 24/7 satellite communications. The full refurbishment of the galley, main salon and staterooms and, of course all new Cabrinha gear.

“Over the past two decades we’ve continued to refine our program and take a great pride in knowing we’ve created something that hasn’t been replicated. We’re thrilled to have Cabrinha back on board and look forward to working with them to expand on our leadership position. We’ve got some incredible destinations mapped out for this upcoming adventure." - Gavin McClurg, CEO & Founder of OffshoreOdysseys

If this opportunity of a life-time sounds interesting, simply use our Contact Form and we will follow up with details on how to participate and save $1380 to $7800 on the initiation fee. Remember, this referral discount is available through Kite Zombies, through April 25, 2019.

Membership Details