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Bar & Lines

  • Eleveight CSeries VARY bar 2019 CSeries VARY bar

    Eleveight CS Vary Bar

    The CSeries VARY bar is our latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market. Several innovative performance features are packed into a clean, functional design. Integrated bar ends enable the rider...

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  • Ocean Rodeo Control Bar Trim Adjustment

    Ocean Rodeo Control Bar

    CONTROL BAR BELOW THE BAR SWIVEL, ABOVE THE BAR TRIM Featuring below the bar swivel, above the bar trim and a low Y / front line re-ride set-up the Control Bar works perfectly with all generations of Ocean Rodeo kite and virtually all other...

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  • Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift kite control bar. Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift line control.

    Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift

    Stick ShiftIntroducing the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift featuring R3 Designs’ internal trim adjustment.Fine tune your kite’s trim using one easily reached and adjusted control knob. Twist in small quarter turn increments to add power, bump or...

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  • Slingshot Compstick Guardian

    Guardian characteristics: Slingshot riders trust the Compstick Guardian setup for its simplistic design, bomber construction and easy-access below-the-bar depower system. With the Guardian, the trim cleat is located just above the chicken loop and...

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  • Slingshot Compstick Sentinel

    Sentinel - Streamline above-the-bar depower • Below-the-bar swivel keeps lines untwisted • Bomber Slingshot construction • Strongest and longest lasting lines available • Easy, reliable safety release Sentinel...

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