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Floras Lake

Floras Lake Kiteboarding Guide

Part of the State of Jefferson Kiteboarding Guide

The bewitching hour. (photo: Greg Brock)



Located 16 miles south of Bandon Oregon, fresh water Floras Lake is separated from the Pacific Ocean by narrow sand dunes, offers relatively shallow warm water and consistent but sometimes gusty summer wind. The overall scene makes for a user-friendly kiteboarding location that is popular with beginners.

This popularity among beginners can also be a bit of a concern on weekends and holidays when lake traffic is high. Always keep an eye out for that less skilled newbee. The locals are really supportive of learning so visiting kiterboarders should do the same. Speaking of locals, Floras Lake is home to Floras Lake Windsurfing which operates a windsurfing and kiteboarding school on the Lake. Please give their teachers and clients plenty of room and do not complain about the jet skis. The locals have been known to rescue a kiter or two so stay on their good side!


The north end of the lake offers nice sandy beaches with minimal dune grass near the waterline during most of the season. If you are used to a crowded launch, you can change your habits here. There's plenty of room along the north end of the lake so there's no excuse to rig on top of anyone. Please be courteous and willing for a short hike to be a safe distance from others.

If you are a beginner or teaching a beginner, the west side of the lake offers shallow waters and is at the end of the kiteboard traffic pattern. Another safe option for beginners is to go to the shallow cove on the far west side, midway down the lake. This spot is downwind from both kiteboarders and windsurfers.


The Cove-of-Doom on the northeast end of the lake has tricky wind influenced by trees along the shore. The swamp at the south end of the lake is not to be messed with and is complete with haunted house.

Wind Data:

NOAA/NWS Point Forecast


Camping is available at the lake in Curry County operated Boice-Cope campground. There is a fee for both day use and camping. Amenities include restrooms and showers and not much else. Camp sites include RV ($16) and tent ($12) spaces. There is a $5 fee for an extra vehicle which is allowed one per camp site. This campground usually fills up early on weekends.

Sixes River Campground (BLM) to the south towards Port Orford is an warm alternative that tends to be clear of fog and wind.

Dining and Eats:

Camping supplies and convenience foods can be purchased at nearby Langlois Market (48444 Highway 101). They carry the usual food stuff plus offer Umpqua Dairy Ice Cream, home made deli sandwiches and hot dogs. Hours are somewhat short even on long summer days so shop early. They now offer a wide selection of micro-brews and kombucha with a few on tap. Refillable growlers are available and can be used for beer or kombucha.

The closest dining options are in Port Orford to the south or Bandon to the north.