• Best Kite Backpack Best Kite Backpack

    Best Kite Backpack

    Need to replace a kite backpack? This is a killer deal on a backpack large enough to carry one or two kites, a bar and some other gear.

    $45.00 $21.95
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  • Best Kiteboarding Pump

    Best Kiteboarding Pump

    High quality original equipment pump from another trusted brand. Extra high volume T-bar handle kite pump. Comes with an assortment of hose end fittings that work with most kite valves in use today, including EZ pump.

    $40.00 $24.95
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  • Dakine Hook Knife with Pouch

    Dakine Hook Knife with Pouch

    Every kiteboarder should have a readily available knife that will easily cut kite lines but is also safe to handle in an emergency. The Dakine Hook Knife is a kite specific design that meets these requirements. Made of non-corrosive anodized aluminum...

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  • Kite Zombies Cotton Twill Hat

    Kite Zombies Cotton Twill Hat

    You aren't styling unless you have a Kite Zombie cotton twill hat! One size fits most Made of comfortable cotton twill Six-panel, unstructured, low-profile, sewn eyelets Self-fabric closure with D-ring slider and tuck-in strap Ideal for all...

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  • Kite Zombies Stainless Bottle Opener

    Kite Zombies Stainless Bottle Opener

    Required equipment! Our new stainless bottle opener even resists zombie corrosion, maybe... Grab this professional quality stainless steel bottle opener. Measures 7 in. W X 1.6 in. H Features stainless steel body with vinyl coating Durable, sleek,...

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  • KiteFix Complete Repair Kit

    KiteFix Complete Repair Kit

    Whether traveling to an exotic location or heading down to your local spot, the KiteFix Complete Kit is an essential part of your kiteboarding gear that you don't want to leave home without! This kit will allow you to permanently and esthetically repair...

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  • Mystic Hook Knife w/ Pouch

    Mystic Hook Knife w/ Pouch

    The Mystic Safety Knife is a quality metal knife with double blades and is designed to work with all Mystic harnesses, as well as most other brand of harness with a knife pocket. Cuts lines and webbing Stainless Steel blade All metal knife - no...

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  • Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe

    Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe

    Go-Joe Leashless Board Recovery Effortlessly flip your board over, turn it down wind and sail it back to you all without a leash of any kind! Leashes can be very dangerous, often causing the board to snap up behind you in the event of a fall! The...

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  • Slingshot Changing Mat

    Slingshot Changing Mat

    A padded mat to stand on while changing into or out of your wetsuit, cloths or shoes. Stores easily in your vehicle and is suitable for any sport. DIMENSIONS / CAPACITY 18 x 22 in (46cm x 56cm)

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