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Crescent City

Crescent City Kiteboarding Guide

Part of the State of Jefferson Kiteboarding Guide


The most popular kite surfing spot in Crescent City is South Beach, located just south of town and the harbor on coastal highway 101. South Beach, due to easy access, is a favorite spot among surfers and beach goers and can get crowded (for NorCal).

Prevailing summer winds are from the north and tend to be light and side shore to offshore. During fall through spring low pressure systems bring stronger south winds for better kiting.

Fifty degree water temperatures are typical for this part of the Pacific so a full 5mm wetsuit or drysuit is required, even in the summer.

South Beach Launch:

Nice wide beaches a few steps from your auto offer plenty of space to rig and launch. Please be courteous to other beach users!


This is open Pacific Ocean with all the associated risks including cold water, surf and strong currents. A personal floatation device is a smart idea. With that being said, compared to other NorCal and Southern Oregon coastal spots, this area is usually tame.

Wind Data:

NOAA / NWS South Beach Point Forecast


Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Mill Creek Campground is open during the tourist season (May - Sept) and is located six miles south of Crescent City and a few miles inland off Highway 101 in Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. This campground can be warmer and fog free compared to the coast.


Many options in Crescent City.


Many options in Crescent City