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Trainer Kites

  • Ocean Rodeo React Trainer 2m

    The React Trainer Kite is a 2m, 4 line kite designed to rig and fly just like the full scale kites! Comes ready to fly complete with it's own trainer harness, package includes: Trainer Harness / Carry Bag 2M Reactkite Inflation Pump Control Bar...

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  • Sensei Trainer Kite 3m

    Sensei Trainer Kite 3m

    This is the ultimate trainer kite to learn and have fun with. Named kite of the year by kiteworld magazine, this kite is truly revolutionary. Unlike all other trainer kites, Sensei's can be relaunched after a crash with the use of only 2 lines. Just pull...

    MSRP: $189.95
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