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Our business practice is based on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction and we look forward to proving this every day, every customer. Below are just a few of the emails we have received from satisfied customers.

Hi there.

I'm writing this letter after my second purchase with you guys, I work in customer service myself and I can't speak highly enough about Bill's and Anna's service. I have never come across any website of any kind with such knowledgeable and just plain eager to please people, and the fact that it happens to be a kite site makes me even happier! I live on the east coast and I have plenty of options closer to me, but these guys got me as a client. Thanks again.

Best regards,

I shopped around quite a bit for kiting gear and your website, prices, and your enthusiasm for kiting (checked out the Facebook page) had me sold! I look forward to getting out there on my new gear. Thanks again.

Nathan Swan


I thought i would say thanks to you and (I am guessing your wife) for the effort to get my parts to me. Things have made the long journey to Ecuador and are exactly as I expected - perfect. Hopefully I will have the chance to get them in the water this weekend.

Thanks again,
Rob Fuller,

(Kite Zombies sticker is firmly applied to my Ecuadorian car!)

(email to Best Kiteboarding)

Hey Casey,

We spoke a few times last year, I hope everything is well. Over the years I've become a very particular customer. Not just for kites, but anything I purchase. It is few and far between that a company represents themselves in such a way that not only do they make themselves shine, but also the products they sell. I starting kiting in March 2008 and shortly thereafter came across Kite Zombies operated by Bill and Anna Repetto out of California. I was searching the web and found a company that not only offered the selection I was looking for but also advertised a very sound company value.

Since I have been dealing with Kite Zombies, I have purchased products ranging from Nemesis, Waroos, Best bars, kite bladders, foot straps, kite boards, and so on. Most of the products have been Best, a brand I have come to trust and like very much. I wanted to contact you and let you know that you have outstanding representatives at Kite Zombies. Let me explain to you why:

1) Their customer service starts from the time you contact them and extends indefinitely beyond the purchase date.

2) Continuous contact is maintained with the customer to keep them informed of the purchase and how things are proceeding.

3) They are extremely knowledgeable about your brand and always offer sound advice. Recommendations are made on the type of equipment best suited to the customer needs. I'm not talking about a sales pitch to buy their/your product, but honest feed back after they listen to you.

4) Feed back from their local customer satisfaction. The guys that they deal with every day.

5) They don't sell garbage on their website. Some dealers will advertise a piece of junk package just to make a sale. The sale Kite Zombies makes is the sale that will happen again and again and not just grab your cash and send you on your way.

6) Anna or Bill Always answers the phone during business hours and respond to emails within 24 hours. Alot of kite dealers are internet sales done part time when the dealer has time, not when you need them.

I wanted to send this to you because as customers, you mostly here from us only when we have problems. Not when we are completely satisfied. My recent 09 Waroo purchase reminded me of my responsibility as a customer. Please recognize Bill and Anna for their outstanding service, customer satisfaction and marketing efforts for Best Kiteboarding.

Tom Kux

Hi, Bill
I just got the Ltd Waroo kite today. You guys are great. Love the T-shirt. Thank you. You have a perm customer "ME" and I will defiantly tell all my people. Warm winds with good friends.
Ken :-)

Thanks for the 5% discount and free shipping. I chose your company because of your evironmental and business ethic.
B.W., Plattsburgh, NY

Thanks for the harness and the note on flipping the buckle, Bill! Tried it snowkiting today and it worked great. Thanks for the great price and fair shipping charges, another site I had considered ordering from wanted to charge double the shipping. It's hard to find stores with good prices and good shipping rates up here sometimes.

Thanks for the great service and I'll check your site if I need anything in the future.


I want to say thanks for your great service by the way, I actually tried to order a kite from the guys at xxxxxxkites but they were terrible to deal with so I'll be a kitezombies customer for life now.


Thank you Anna, for Excellent customer service. It is rare these days for people to understand and care about the importance of good service. You have won a customer!!

Gene Weeks

Kites arrived yesterday, Just praying to the wind gods to get out and try them. Thanks for the great service and deals. Will recomend your shop for anybody looking for new kites. PS No Duty = even more savings.


Bill, Prayers were answered winds 25mph gusting to 35 mph. The 9.5 kahoona is miles ahead of anything else I have. Easily handled the gusts. Huge jumps!! for me anyway. And self lauch and land were sooo easy! Thanks for pointing me towards the Kahoona's couldn't ask for anything better!!!