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  • Airtime DIY Kite Repair Kit

    Airtime DIY Kite Repair Kit

    The Airtime DIY repair kit that has what you need to fix your kite yourself. Be prepared to fix almost any problem your kite may develop with this professionally assembled repair kit. This kit can't duplicate the results of a professional sewn repair...

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  • Airtime Orange Strut Bladders

    Universal ORANGE strut bladders with no valves attached. Purchase our U-STICK valves separately to assemble replacements for almost any kite ever made. Orange Strut Bladders: Lighter, stronger, faster. ORANGE is an AIRTIME kite innovation. Let kite...

    $15.00 - $25.00
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  • Airtime Universal Leading Edge Bladders

    Airtime is the first bladder manufacturer to build specific leading edge bladders with one piece of polyurethane. These bladders have fewer seams, reducing failure points and allowing for up to 80% more stretch than original bladders. Airtime uses their...

    $45.90 - $64.80
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  • Airtime Valve Trap

    Airtime Valve Trap

    This is the solution that lets you quickly and permanently attach a new or used valve to any bladder. Repair old bladders or assemble new. The Valve Trap was developed because people have asked us for years why they couldn't re-attach valves that...

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