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Eleveight kite design reflects passion, dedication & 15 years of experience. Learn about Eleveight kite models and what makes them unique.

Eleveight is the only major kite brand (worldwide distribution) that is owned by it’s designer. This fact is reflected in the attention to detail, focus on the product, and unparalleled customer service.

  • Eleveight 2019 FS V2

    The FSeries kite serves the needs of riders going for performance freestyle or radical freeride. The Open-C design with high aspect ratio, low sweep and short bridles is made for extreme kite loops and technical handlepass tricks. Despite its...

    $1,129.00 - $1,759.00
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  • Eleveight RS V2 - Black Eleveight RS V2 - Blue

    Eleveight 2019 RS V2

    Tame any storm, ride any spot and excel in any style – the RSeries is the one kite to truly stand out in every situation. It is our most versatile wing. The RS is a four line Delta-Hybrid kite with a medium to high aspect ratio. Hence it has a...

    $999.00 - $1,599.00
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  • Eleveight 2019 WS V2 - Blue Eleveight 2019 WS V2 - Grey

    Eleveight 2019 WS V2

    The WSeries is a true wave kite. It is a very light but tough three strut kite with a four line Open-C Hybrid design matched with a medium aspect ratio. We centered its turning axis to create its distinctive pivotal turn. The WS easily whips around in a...

    $1,039.00 - $1,329.00
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  • Eleveight Eleveight FS Series

    Eleveight FS Series

    We designed the FSeries for ambitious and advanced riders. This performance open C four-line kite excels in freestyle and big air while providing the upwind and windrange qualities of a freeride kite. The advanced short bridle system enhances the...

    $934.00 - $1,436.00
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  • Eleveight RS Series

    Eleveight RS Series

    The RS is the ideal kite for performance riding in all styles and conditions. Its versatile cross over character adopts to the riders preferences, enabling him or her to boost big airs, throw spray of the lip of a wave or even land handlepass tricks. We...

    $790.00 - $1,274.00
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  • Eleveight WS Series Wave Kite - Grey Eleveight WS Series Wave Kite - Blue/Red

    Eleveight WS Series

    Sizes 05 / 07 / 09 / 11 PERFORMANCE FEATURES 3 Strut Open C Hybrid Medium aspect ratio Rapid and direct turning characteristics Stable downwind drift Absorbing gusts and provides control in light winds Light bar pressure for single hand...

    $849.00 - $1,045.00
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