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  • Tona Pop Kiteboard

    Tona Pop Kiteboard

    The Pop is our debut kiteboard. We put this baby through some rigorous testing and after a full year + of R&D we came up with something special. A board that explodes off the water whether it’s on natural kickers or flat water, without...

    $549.00 $499.00
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  • Deck only - no hardware or accessories.

    Xenon 2012 Rayo 134

    Brand New 2012 Rayo 134 Deck Only (no fins, pads, straps, handle or hardware) Size: 134 x 41 In it's fourth year, Xenon continues it's trend of rapidly gaining a loyal following around the world. The 2012 Rayo is a high-end all-round twin-tip board...

    $499.00 $99.95
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  • Xenon 2014 Prisma 6'0"

    Xenon 2014 Prisma 6'0"

    Save Big! This 6'0" Prisma has a pronounced board bag tear. The board is not affected and is in new condition. The Prisma is an all around excellent high-end board for experienced riders which is also rider-friendly so even rookies and those just...

    $989.00 $499.00
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  • Xenon 2014 Vidra 6'1"

    Xenon 2014 Vidra 6'1"

    Save big! This 6'1" Vidra has a few minor issues. The board bag has a cut and deck has a small rub type blemish. Elegance incarnated. Vidra is an ultimately chick and mysterious looking board. The top is finished in dark glossy wood that almost makes...

    $989.00 $499.00
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  • Best 2014 Spark Plug Kiteboard 132cm

    Best 2014 Spark Plug Kiteboard 132cm

    The Zombies have known and trust the Spark for years as a great board to learn on. Best really stepped it up and delivers even more value and performance that all riders can appreciate. Everything from the new construction and upgraded pads and straps...

    $499.00 $199.00
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  • Cabrinha 2017 H3 S/M Demo Boots

    Cabrinha 2017 H3 S/M Demo Boots

    Used one day only. Perfect condition with hardware. Size S/M fits US size 8-9. Designed for the unique requirements of kiting, this boot offers the most solid connection between riders and their boards. The ultra-lightweight outer shell and low...

    $399.00 $249.00
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  • Cabrinha Tronic 137 Demo

    Cabrinha 2018Tronic 137 Demo w/ H1 Small

    2018 Cabrinha Tronic 137 demo kiteboard in excellent condition. Complete board includes H1 binding size small. The Tronic has become one of our favorite boards because it rides well in a variety of conditions and is great for learning new tricks. For...

    $663.99 $419.00
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