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Wing Surf

  • Naish S25 Wing-Surfer (Bottom View) Naish S25 Wing-Surfer (Angled Bottom View)

    Naish S25 Wing-Surfer

    THE HYPE IS REAL! The Wing-Surfer was designed as a one-size-does-it-all SUP and surf-foil wing. With it’s luff strut, fairly small diameter leading edge and shallow profile, it performs well in a variety of conditions and wind speeds. With...

    $595.00 - $960.00
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  • Slingshot Slingwing V2 Green Slingshot Slingwing V2 Foiling Action

    Slingshot SlingWing V2

    SLINGSHOT SLINGWING V2 Wingsurfing has exploded as a discipline over the last year and Slingshot has been taking notes. The all new Slingwing V2 has been engineered to check all the boxes. The first design factor in a performance wing is ultra-light...

    $699.00 - $929.00
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