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  • Naish Wing Surfer - Orange/Red Bottom View Naish Wing Surfer - Dark Blue - Top View

    Naish 2020 Wing-Surfer

    WHO’S IT FOR?The Wing-Surfer is for board riders of all kinds looking for a new wind powered thrill.WHAT DOES IT DO?By harnessing the wind, the Wing-Surfer lets you transform your stand up...

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  • Naish S25 Boxer

    Naish S25 Boxer

    Winner of The Kite Mag's Ultimate Test Single-Strut Category 2 years in a row, the Boxer sets the standard for one-strut kites. Refined and powerful, the Boxer delivers incredible low-end power while...

    $775.00 - $1,760.00
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  • Naish S25 Triad

    Naish S25 Triad

    Winner of TKM's All Round Freeride Kite category The Triad is quickly becoming a modern classic, known as the kite that can be used by anyone, anywhere, for anything. When we created the Triad, we...

    $950.00 - $1,455.00
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  • Naish S25 Wing-Surfer (Bottom View) Naish S25 Wing-Surfer (Angled Bottom View)

    Naish S25 Wing-Surfer

    THE HYPE IS REAL! The Wing-Surfer was designed as a one-size-does-it-all SUP and surf-foil wing. With it’s luff strut, fairly small diameter leading edge and shallow profile, it performs...

    $720.00 - $960.00
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