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  • Crazyfly 2019 Raptor LTD Neon - top deck with pads Crazyfly 2019 Raptor LTD Neon - top & bottom views

    Crazyfly 2019 Raptor LTD Neon

    New era of a legend. The Crazyfly Raptor LTD Neon became our top selling board in its first year, which says everything about how good this board really is. It has exactly the same great shape and full carbon construction as the regular Raptor...

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  • Crazyfly Raptor LTD

    Crazyfly Raptor LTD

    The Crazyfly Raptor LTD is a true legend in our board range. It is one of the best boards we have ever made. The 2019 Raptor LTD also comes in a Neon version for customers who prefer better visibility of the board in dark water. Sticking to its core...

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